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Lines by Summicron

lines by 28 mm summicron


Hugo desktop

My new Hugo desktops

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Lights by Summilux 50/1.4

lights by summilux 50

Morning fog with Leica M and 50/1.4

After number of attempts to get this to Facebook I gave up. They compress the photos and this one does not like compression because of the so many shades. Enjoy

morning fog


Playing with shadows

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Roof structure

roof structure

Magnolia Cemetery

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Beautiful tree blossom

beautiful blossom

Kudu coffee house

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Only for hard pertol heads: Jaguar F-Type


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First shot with Leica M and Summilux-R 50mm @1.4

very fist shot with Leica M

UFO at Sullivan Island

UFO at Sullivan's Island

Maybe a room of a future artist

artist wall

Wedding preparation

It was a good wedding...

wedding preparation

Wall picture

Soon will be hanged on my wall behind me. Lovely Ravenel Bridge picture flavored with Leica 50mm Summilux-R f1.4 and a CAD drawing of the supports.

wall picture design

Wonderful day for a tennis lesson

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Sky is the limit


Bike ride by a lake

at the pond

Boat and red sky

boat red sky

Time for work

bridge photo shoot

Bid Preparation photos

Snow in South Carolina 2014


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iPhone 5

Nothing better to do so I took my Leica 50 mm 1.4 Summilux-R and took a picture of my phone.
focusing perfection iPhone 5

Leica shoot out


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Artistic even when cooking


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The timeless Poursche by Design is in the Gallery section

Porsche by design