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Proud to present the first multi lingual website in my portfolio. Laser Logistics project as of now is fully functional in Italian and Bulgarian. Early 2019 I expect the English language version to be complete. You can visit the new project here or check it out bellow.

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Barausse calendar staged

One of the four staged photos for Barassue calendar. Piramid is made of paper that looks and feels like velvet. The months paper is made out of thick cardboard. Press printed. Pure luxury. See more bellow.

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METALSISTEM work calendar

Great pleasure to turn one of my street photographs into a calendar.

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ProPectin video project

Watch the final version of ProPectin video project here

ProPectin video project for Yank Barry

Video tutorial of photo editing in Luminar

Check out the video that represents steps from my edit history to see how to turn a bad image into a great photograph. I call it bad but the image was purposely exposed for highlights so I can get the atmosphere right in the beginning. Planning is a good think, only when you know your actual personal and software abilities. For example I know my Leica M240 has astonishing shadow recovery. And when you think about it the light is the one that makes the atmosphere in a photo. Everything else is second so expose for the subject and think how you want the light to be…

Check the short 30 sec step by step video of photo editing with Luminar.

Photo editing in Luminar- recovery of a bad photo

Leica M for Motion Picture projects

This is an article about using Leica M240 for motion picture projects. Read more here.

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Leica M on Moza AirCross gimbal

Recently purchased Moza AirCross gimbal to accompany my Leica M and Leica D-Lux for motion video projects….

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GTT Ltd. Exhibition Presentation Movie

Video can be seen here:

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Нов дизайн за

Metalsistem's completely revamped new design to match and improve on the original is well organized and in Bulgarian language. Product galleries accompany each product that is being displayed. Colors for text and accents are carefully selected to draw attention to the main objects across the site. All in all a lot of information for the customer convenience in a very well organised way to work equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

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Adobe CS6 and photographer's life after macOS 10.14 Mojave

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 11.18.49Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 11.19.03Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 11.19.09
Standard Lightroom 6 panels

A lot has been said about the compatibility and missing features of Adobe standalone applications like CS6. Past week Adobe released version 7 of Lightroom and with that put an end to standalone RAW editor for users. You will have to get on the hook and start paying while using. Lightroom 6 was in to versions- standalone that you will buy and use for as long as it is supported by your operating system and CC version which was subscription based. Already with version 6 Adobe set a dual standard…
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JAWS CAPITAL small but elegant site

Small but elegant one page website to host everything you want on a business card. Check it out here:

JAWS Capital simple website

and how it looks on mobile

JAWS Capital simple website - mobile version

"Джи Ти Ти" ООД - нов сайт

Новият сайт на СТЕЛАЖИТЕ БГ е готов. Изключително голямо внимание е обърнато на форматирането на текстът в сайтът. Приятен и подреден улеснява четенето… нов сайтSee More...

Project - "Джи Ти Ти" ООД фирмен сайт

Final version of GTT LTD (Джи Ти Ти ООД) website is live. See it at

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Leica 90/2 APO ASPH focus repair

There are two focusing issues you might experience- front or back focusing. In my case my Leica 90 APO f2 lens was front focusing in the beginning.

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The most epic panorama photo I have ever done

116 megapixels panorama image

This image consists of 13 separate shots, made with my Leica M 240 and Leica 35/1.4 FLE lens. The final image is 500 MB TIFF file with the resolution of 37097 by 4076 pixels, cropped down to 37097 by 3119 pixels. Absolutely amazing. In terms of megapixels this image is about 116 Megapixels cropped… Image is viewable here.

Джи Ти Ти ООД - Metalsistem продуктова фотография

Продуктова фотография за фирма ГТТ - Metalsistem, показана в сайтът на Mr. Bricolage

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Leica Summilux 50 / 1.4 ASPH sharpness

Check out the sharpness of Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH wide open.

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FIFA WORLD CUP lands in Sofia

See more pictures inside…

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Featured in the book "Colors of Orthodoxy"


colors of orthodoxy