Leica Summilux 35/1.4 ASPH FLE review article


Leica Summilux 35/1.4 ASHP FLE lens

Leica makes one of the most wonderful lenses ever made. 35 mm FLE version of the Summilux is one of them. I bought it to substitute my 28mm Summicron that I had. 28mm was a very good lens but it does not have the color rendition of the Summilux lenses. Specifications and etc. you can read somewhere else, but I will tell you this- it is a true Summilux to its core, extremely sharp and 35mm is 35 mm. It fits very well to my 50mm for street photography. Also I prefer 35mm when I do not know how much space I will have, because it gives extra view angle. 35mm is very good for city shots. It is not extremely wide and it is not narrow. It is right on the border between being landscape lens and portrait. The nice thing about the 35mm compared to 28mm is that you can use 35 mm with regular rangefinder while the 28 is little two wide. To be honest I personally prefer 50mm frame but 35 is well appreciated at times.

Recently I had to visit Boston, MA. This was my first time there so I knew 50mm might be too long, and it would have been. Leica 35mm FLE was perfect for the job. I have spent a day walking climbing running with it. It is a very easy lens to handle. Bellow are the pictures I took in Boston, MA. I used it on Leica M camera with 3 stop filer to use it wide open. The filter is top notch B+W but still produces extra vignetting, which sometimes is not so pleasant.